Leprous US Tour 2016

So, we’ve just started the Leprous tour in Atlanta, GA. This time I’ve brought along a X32-rack for simplicity. The band controls their own in-ears with their phones and I do FOH from my iPad. It’s not perfect, but definetely very handy and useful gear to fly with. I also brought along a x-touch controller, just to try it out. But so far everything has been quite stressful, so I haven’t really spend any time with it jet. It’s mostly to have some physical faders, since I do alot of effects for this band. As soon as I have the time, I’ll post more about it.

Starting Out!

Hi everybody,

So, I finally got this blog thing up and running. So since this is the first post I’m just gonna write a little about the purpose of this blog.

It’s gonna be divided into two subdivisions. One about Pro Audio gear, and one about what you meet when your are touring the world as a professional audio engineer. The pros and cons, so to speak 😉

Just to let you know a little about myself, I can tell you that I’m in my early thirties, and been making a living by doing sound for the last twelve years. I’ve be doing everything from conferences to the most extreme black metal there’s out there. Actually, that’s what I’ve been doing the most, and still is.

So if you’re into the technical side of an concert production, be more than welcome to follow along here. And don’t be shy to comment, I can take it 😉